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Now I'm stuck here, 
feeling like a total idiot.
Your name doesn't show up on my phone any more.
It's been three months and
your sweatshirt still lives in my bed. 
I've had that sweatshirt for almost a year.
I don't see you at school since you graduated.
I still have a picture of us on my wall.
I can't bring myself to take it down.
I miss you...
But I also wish I never knew you.
Then maybe this wouldn't hurt so badly.
Constantly torn between wanting to be with you
and never wanting to see you again.
This school has been a constant reminder
of what we used to be.
You're going to college at the end of the month.
While I'm stuck here in high school, 
with your stupid sweatshirt. 

One Direction Update 
9/3/14- 9/4/14

Hey everyone! Katie here! Sorry this is late. Jenny and I have both been working and/or sick. We’ve missed you all!

First of all, something exciting happened today- the full trailer for the WWA movie came out! The link will be at the bottom. :)

As for the boys’ locations, Harry has been in LA but has flown home supposedly. Niall is in London, and the other boys are suspected to be there, too, but they have not been seen. Here’s to hoping they get some well-deserved rest!

No rumors.

Hey guys, so Katie did a part of this update to help me out because I've been so busy with work lately! Everything she said is what happened today. She told me that Liam is actually in LA. The whole thing about Harry going home is true. People are saying it's because of something bad but who really knows it's probably just rumors. The security man said it was "personal business" so it's none of ours anyway. And also like Katie said Niall is in London. He attended the iTunes Festival with his friends and saw 5SOS. 

Links: Niall golfing yesterday: 
Niall tonight at the iTunes Festival: http://t.co/kQZPwNrFLX
Also another trailer for the WWA film came out today! https://t.co/0mOe8jZHEt
And here is an interview to go with it: https://t.co/QXsXXToNHI
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Happy Teacher's day to LIFE ...for teaching us some of the most important things EVER .

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Far more than the shield is the Pleasure I get on the field . . . the Joy of the chase is greater than the result of the race.-RVM
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