Quotes added on Tuesday, September 16 2014

I see the sky , I see the earth wherever I see ... I find you. In every spectacle, I see you ..There's no place where I don't find u ..
Everyone around me is like
I'm so heartbroken, I thought he loved me
And I'm just here like
The radiative equilibrium for the Earth is 255K
Who lent elegance ..to this marblesque body. .to these dreamy eyes. ..? To this beautiful face ? U are my destination , u are my desire. .. the spring. .. the marvels and the stars, without u I have never seen them my 'guriyarani'
"I never said you had to love me back."
Many people age into a cage. They suddenly feel helpless waiting for death because they have no reason to live.-RVM
This quote does not exist.
And you know it's alright,
When you're gonna bring down
Take everything and live for the moment,
It's only gonna bring you down tonight

I know its stupid, but I had a diary.
I had something that I wrote everything down in.
Something that had all my secrets.
Something that had everything I've ever felt.
I wrote in it everyday.
My whole life was inside that book.
It felt good to write everything down.
It's like I was telling someone,
but no one ever found out. 

There were no judgements.
But now they know.
They know everything.
All my secrets are out.
All my feelings are known.
And now I cant write everyday.
My whole life is now inside their heads.
I have to hold it all inside now.
I cant tell anyone,
because they already know.
And they judge.
You said my name but the devilcame
With her black eyes and paper cut smile
You said my lovhas it been so long
n’t you stay a little while
Today as I was walking in the hall to 1st period, I heard a boyfriend and girlfriend having a conversation:
Girlfriend: *in the most motherly voice ever* "Did you wash your face this.morning?"
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