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I screamed out into the abyss. To no avail I was answered by the darkness that enveloped my entire being
Hang on when you're barely breathing..
hand on when your hearts still beating...
just don't ever let go..
One Direction Update
Hey guys! So I want to apologize for my super sh*tty update yesterday! I totally forgot that the boys had the I Heart Radio Festival today! It was live in Las Vegas about an hour ago! They did a small set and it was streamedon Yahoo! I'll have the full video below.

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys are heading to San Antonio, Texas and will will at the Alamo Dome! 

Rumors: None

Links: Here's the full performance the boys did tonight: 

And here's the boys on the red carpet: http://t.co/wteInVi2cb
11 pm: dude lets stay up all night!!
2 am: fck this dude im goin to bed
This quote does not exist.

underneath this fragile frame,
lives a battle between pride & shame


Life has never given me lemons.
It's Jamaican hairstyle day at work tomorrow...

I'm already dreading it.

Son you're grounded
*dad walks in*
*son whispers in dad's ear* *dad nods* Sorry hun he's invoked bros before hos. Grounding revoked.
Why is it I barely have any signal in my house but the Taliban can upload videos from a cave in Afghanistan?
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