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One Direction Update
Hey guys! Today the boys have a show at the AlamoDome in San Antonio, Texas! The show is still in progress but this girl needs to go to bed so pictures will be up tomorrow!

Tomorrow the boys have a day off. 

No rumors and links will be in tomorrow's update! 
I wish I had someone to cuddle with
trust me darling,
love exists...and its so beautifulšŸ’‘

My bed is too big for just one person...


teenage problems
Sleep is my escape

To release the stress

To escape the pain

But when I wake up

There is so much Negativeness I gain

And yet I'm still haunted by the fear that someday he'll change his mind
My heart is bigger than the distance in between us.
"A truly cruel fate this is. To love someone that lives on the other side of the earth."
It is like the Moon loving the Sun.
For the Moon is just a dull rock without the Sun's glow
and yet they will never touch each other.
I guess I was just hoping
you also noticed when our hands accidentally touched.
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