Quotes added on Tuesday, September 23 2014

You fail all the time, but you aren't a failure until you start blaming someone else
As I'm laying here in bed tonight, all I want is for him to be next to me.♥
I want to hear his heart beat as I'm resting my head on his chest.♥
I want to kiss him like it's the first time all over again.♥
I want to hear him breathing.♥
I want to be tangled up with him.♥
The most painful thing to watch in life is to watch the one you love,

love someone else.
We Often Don't Care about the People Who Cares and Loves Us the Most! Maybe Because They are Not as Beautiful or Good-looking as The People We Fall For, but (maybe) It's Their Inner-beauty that Still Makes Them Care For Us even If We Don't Give a Damn About Them x_x Not Everyone gets the Same Share of Love that They Gives to Others x(
I Don't Really get It! When I talked About VIDEO GAMES with some Guy who told me He is a bloody "avid" Gamer, he Gets all annoying and stuff because ik more and have played more videogames then him -_- and he tells me to stop talking about it. And said I'm a freak about videogames! I mean doesn't AVID means curious and really into the thing you are talking about? 0_o ppl don't knw how to use words now-a-days, If yu don't know the meaning then DON'T BLOODY USE IT!
Some people find life boring, there’s too much time. Few find Life so exciting that there’s no time at all and Life just zooms by.-RVM
What do you do when the person 
who broke your heart 
is the only one who can fix it?
Dear bullies
That boy you punched in the hall today committed suicide a few minutes ago
That girl you called a sl:t today she's a Virgin 
That boy you called lame he has to work every night to support his family
That girl you pushed down the other day is already being abused at home
The girl you called fat she has being starving herself and has lost over 30lbs 
Sincerely there is a lot more to people than you think so stop bullying
Suicide isn't cowardly. Wanna know what's cowardly? Treating someone so badly that they want to end their life
I feel quite peaceful.
I haven't had one of these moments in a while.
It's a little cold, but I don't mind.
I just want to enjoy the moment.
Taking a deep breathe and looking at the stars.

It's nice :)
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