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tell me why i should keep trying huh give me a reason
*A friend and I talking about razors*
Me: Yeah my new razors are so sharp. I cut two of my nails that caught on it, and my knees.
Her: What are these? Satan's razors?
Me: LOL yes. "Silk Touch: by Satan."
Me: "Sinfully Smooth"
Me: That was so brilliant. I should work in advertising.
Her: We could be rich.
Me: This is gonna happen.

"Why do you always wear black?" 

To remind you that im always ready for your funeral 

"Never be afraid to fall apart
because it is an opportunity
to rebuild yourself the way you
wish you had been all along.
~Rae Smith

"If you limit choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise."
~Robert Fritz 
That moment when you find your own mistake after breakup!!
Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and today marks my 6th anniversary on Witty ...
It was the day after my 14th birthday that I had joined and never did I imagine that I would still be coming on here to this day. I came on the site during what is now called the "old witty", when things were better (or so some people say). Whether they are right about that or not, the one thing I know is that witty has always been the place I went to when I felt down. It has helped me through break ups, especially the last one with the love of my life which was especially hard ... But never the less, it has always been the place that I could go to when I needed. Whether I needed something to cheer me up or if I needed to vent, blow off some steam, or I just simply needed those quotes that captured everything I felt but couldn't put it down into words. This site is a place that anyone, no matter what age, can come to for comfort even if it's just knowing that they're not alone with their struggles. I haven't made any friends from this site like a lot of people on here because I am quite shy and only talk when people talk to me first but just having this site has helped me through so much that I never would have gotten through on my own. And I would really like to thank everyone, whether you are new to witty or have been on here for years, because all of you together has made this site feel like home when I needed it most, so Thank you all very much. You are all special to me ❤️
And it has and always will mean the world to me to have been a part Witty ❤️

(Sorry it is so long but if you actually took the time to read this, I love you
You know I never understand,
When you're serious and when you're joking!!
         "She read about people she could never be,
and adventures she would never have.
                 Life was good enough until one day, it wasn't.
Pushing Daisies
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