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don't get attached.
don't get attached.
don't get attached.
Worries come and worries go…They challenge us and make us Grow!-RVM
I highly do not recommend procrastination.
I still like you, I'm just tired of trying.

       He was the only one she needed.

that moment when you have a bad dream and babe isnt beside you to make it better . 😞
please don't be in love with someone else
why did witty fall? i remember when the top quotes would get thousands of likes. i cant say much. i didnt contribute at all. i was gone. i guess the reason i came on every day was to see notifications. but they stopped. i guess i stopped too.
One Direction Update
Hey everybody! Sorry again for the late update. So as you all know, today ended another chapter in the 1D story. The boys finished the Where We Are Tour today in Miami! It was a fantastic show and thank you to the wonderful girl who livestreamed it so we all could enjoy. For anyone who missed it I'll try to find a link at some point. 

After the show ended, the boys left right away. It looks like all of them when home to the UK except for Harry who of course went to LA. At this point it's like yeah Harry is British and he's from Holmes Chapel but LA might as well be his home now because he doesn't really live in the UK for long periods of time anymore. So if I say the boys went home just assume that's where our lovely curly boy went. If he goes to the UK I'll say otherwise. 

Also, keep your eyes peeled for more annoucements tomorrow. There's been a lot of things on Monday's lately plus Liam has been dropping a lot of little hints about things. 

Rumors: None

Links: Here's the boys' end of tour group hug they always do: 
The boys' family photo: 
The boys on stage tonight: 
Alive tonight: 
The boys tonight: 
Here's something to make you a bit emotional: 
I should not be in a relationship ever.
I expect too much.
I expect honesty and loyalty. 
I am a firm believer in the difference of love you and I love you. 
I expect to not feel like I'm in a competition with other girls for your attention and care.
I expect respect.

And unfortunately thats too much for people in today's society.
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