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I want to let go but learning to let go is like playing with fire it hurts but it still makes you warm
I can't sleep, so I'm just going to stay up and stalk Witty.

I want one...

When Passion meets Inspiration, an Obsession is born.-RVM
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We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus!
That alone should make us love each other
but it doesn't. We are terrorized and flattened
by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.

WITTY IN 2009 2010!!!

WOW so iv just made a new account for witty profiles after i was here in 2009/2010. i can say alot of things have deffinatley changed since then wow! so i thought id write a few memories

Firstly- if you were here in 09/10 you would probably most deffinatley have everybody on facebook with the last name of "witty" idk it was just cool to make new friends from every part of the world.

2nd) The pictures? they were never here. we used to had to copy other users formats to get a layout- is that what their still called?

3rd) this probably stil happens. stealing others quotes, and everybody always got mad about it, at the time it seemed a bigt thing though

4th) steve- back then all the "wittians" used to workship steve, everyone would write on the witty wall every day.

5th) the catogries- this suprised me really how much theyv changed, the old catorgries were really simple like "love" "break up" but i kinda like the new ones better

6) there was never a mobile format, the owner,steve talked about a mobile app for so long and everyone was so excited. but their never was nothing like the mobile app now, i used to sit at school on a old phone trying to get on the website without mobile format.

Honestley i wrote this post because it shows how quick life goes by, i used to sit on this website for hours and hours by the fire eating :-). i was really happy when i got my first top quote i screensaved it and kept it unil i was about 16(18 now)when i deleted my account. i had my account from when i was 13/14 and same with everybody else who was there then, im 18 now and its sad to think we all grew up :(

thanks for reading

Hold on, baby,
you're losin' it
The water's high,
you're jumpin'
into it and
lettin' go
And no one
That you cry
but you don't
tell anyone
That you might
not be the
golden one
You're tied together
with a smile but
you're comin' undone
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