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in this  darkness i see colors 


Your lips were on mine, but we did not kiss.
There was no spark, not even after you kissed me.
I had no urge or desire to kiss you back.
I felt nothing.
There was no spark.
Your lips were on mine, but we did not kiss.

We don't know Where God is, Who God is or What God is… BUT GOD IS!-RVM
"some infinites are bigger than other infinites" -

John Green, The Fault In Our Stars

your patience

and your

when you have everything.



I don't want to be alone anymore


Kiss me like its the last
Hold me tight dont let go
Whisper sweet things into my ear
Tell me how much you really care
I would do the same for you because of one HUGE reason....... I LOVE YOU💘
How can people see all these good things about someone and that person just doesnt wanna see them? Maybe because of their past or they are afraid. Hold their hand and walk with them through it.

I LOVE YOU JANNETTE💓 your the best i love talking to you.
Why does my cat always love waking me up like does he not want me to sleep. But the other dumb thing about him is he wont snuggle with me. Its like thats the least i deserve
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