Quotes added on Sunday, October 26 2014

Some people are nothing more
than those trash emails you have. Don't reply to them and don't
forward their negativity.
Still learning this myself.

if i could id take that smile and inject it directly into my blood stream. my parents warmed me about drugs in baggies sold on the street but never the ones with teeth and a heartbeat.
When you do make a mistake,
do not treat yourself as if thought you were the mistake.
I'm sorry, I don't need your negativity today.
Good vibes only.

Johnny cash said love would burn, i never thought it would hurt this bad. 
I'm afraid of what's to come, my dear,
For forever seems so daunting.
I can't do anything but stand still,
And watch this life pass right by me.
You say you'll be by my side,
But how could anything be so certain
In this cold, indecisive world we live in?
It's hard to feel convinced and assured,
When in reality, no one really cares.
I've fallen victim, and I've been the perpetrator.
I've been hurt and I hurt back.
I know what it's like to make a statement.
Things have changed, my love.
Now, I'm just here, and I don't want to be.
So don't make me promises.
I'm not looking for that comfort.
I'm not looking for entertainment,
I'm not looking for relief.
I'm lost and I know you won't find me.
You say you've found the answer, darling,
But I haven't even posed the question.
How can I show you who I really am,
When, goodness, I don't even know?
I want to spend my time with you.
Please don't be upset that I feel so uncertain.
I want to be with you, that is something I know.
What a relieving feeling it is,
To feel confident in anything.
I don't know where this reality will take me,
I've just hopped on the train to take me somewhere,
Anywhere, where I could deflect numb misery.
After all, dear, that is the worst pain.
That's all I wish to do.
Avoid the feeling of pure disappointment.
And love, I just don't feel that with you.
I am afraid, under all of this indifference.
I am terribly afraid.
I want comfort, but I cannot keep it.
I want entertainment, but I am the epitome of eternal boredom.
I need relief, but I cannot expect it from you.
You are here, and I could not be more grateful.
Please just know that I am utterly confused.
I am trying to find my direction.
And I've done it alone.
When you ask me about my life,
Please understand there is so much more to it,
Than a simple, careless "I don't know."

I'll be the reason you finally understand why storms are named after people. 

I'm made up of nothing but flaws stitched together with only good intentions.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
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