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Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth... then it just becomes a soap opera.


but i love you 
so much more
than just to the
moon and back

The more attracted you are to someone, the easier it is for them to make you laugh.

You're the lost angel knocking on Satan's door



Secrets I have held in my heart, are harder to hide than I thought. Maybe I just want to be yours, I wanna be yours.

Why should I trust you, when you've given me absolutely no reason to in the past?
This quote does not exist.
PEACE is the foundation of Happiness—for where there is Anxiety, Tension, and Turmoil, Joy cannot exist.-RVM
We all have that one class
where we walk in and immediatley want to commit mass homicide.

hope everyone's day is as nice as my butt
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