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Story Time #2:

 So on Monday I started Driver's Ed in P.E. Now today we got to the section in the book were using, about DUI. Our teacher points out that DUI does not only include drinking, but drugs as well. My teacher was also explaining who mxing both of them together is extremely dangerous. He was explalning the effects these kind of activites have on our judgement and actions. Saying, "These two things have very different effects on our bodies alone. So mixing the two makes us feel and do things we wouldn't normally do." the teacher was interupted at this point by some kid who just yelled, "Herpes!" as of that's an effect of mixing Drugs and Alcohol. We all just turn around and look at the guy like "Bro WTF?" and to which the teacher explained to the guy that Herpes is a disease and is nt transmitted through Drugs or drinking.


I'm up all night to get my laundry done.
I'm up all night to get my laundry done.
Sing it with me now.
A girl who wanted to see the world
and a lost boy.

With broken pieces fitting into place,
and a first class ticket at hand.

With him, she saw the crashing, crystalline blue oceans.
The white slopes of the Himilayas,
and the asymmetry of his grin,
like the leaning tower of Pisa.
He felt like lava,
and tasted like broken sunshine.

Then he learned to fly
away from her.

The waves rolled over her hilltops,
until the ocean dried up.
The mountains were eroded to nothing,
and the tower fell over.
The lava cooled,
and the clouds moved in.

There was nothing perfect.
Not for a girl like her.

Maybe the world wasn't ready for that kind of love.
Or maybe the girl wasn't ready for the world.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

Oh baby, darling

How I long
to become
your suicide blonde

This quote does not exist.

You killed what

was left of the

good in me.



Why do they call it


Because that's how you feel
when they don't feel
the same way in return.


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