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Je pleure quand tu es parti trop longtemps, 
Tu me manque 
Chaque seconde de chaque minute, 
Chaque miniute de chaque heure, 
Chaque heure de chaque jour

I cry when you're gone for too long,
I miss you,
Every second of every minute,
Every minute of every hour,
Every hour of every day.
Don't make me regret this...
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I wish you'd kiss me already..
I hate when someone claims they wanna be with you and all but put no effort into making it work
Inspiration is that Power that makes you Seek and reach the Peak.-RVM
Misunderstood Girl

I may be misunderstood

and perceived to be vain

Actually, I am smart

And go through so much pain

I may not be your idea of "perfect"

But at least I'm deep

I may not be popular or loved by all

But at least I'm not a sheep

I may be awkward and misunderstood

But at least I think for myself

I may be labeled "attention seeker"

That's funny, because I get ignored

When I try to ask for help

I am a girl who's life isn't fun

Think what you like

I know I'm not number one

I am a girl who feels like a zero

I'm nobody's princess

And no one is my hero

I'm alone

So I do what I can

I don't pretend to be you

I am who I am

I may be misunderstood

Think badly of me

But I know that I am good

And all I have, is me

A poem that pretty much sums up who I am
Some people don't know how much they mean to me
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This quote does not exist.
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