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One Direction Update
11/5/14 11:55 PM EST
Hey guys! Today was a pretty calm day for the boys. They did a little bit of interviewing and Niall rehearsed with the band for the OTRA tour. Other than that they were off!

In other news, this Sunday the boys are doing a livestream! It will be at 4:30 PM GMT!  It's going to be a bit of a Q&A about Four!

Rumors: None

Links: New interview: 
The boys being interviewed today: https://twitter.com/1DUpdatesOMG/status/530201773600804866

what screws us up the most in life is the picture in our heads of how it is supposed to be. 
want to know my problem? its you. its always been you. its the way you raise my hopes and put me down the next day. how i love you more than anyone can understand, while you refuse to love me back. its the heartbreaking fact that i am doing everything for you, but i dont get anything in return. And the most hurtful thing about this is that i cant let you go. 
Hello Past Me,
  Life does get better.
You will one day say,
With everything I have, I love you,
To a boy and he will say it back and mean it.
Stop looking for him, once you stop he will find you.
Love yourself, you're not ugly or fat, you're you. And only you can decide that for yourself.
Once you love yourself, you are unstoppable.
The loneliness, pain, darkness and tears are all worth it in the end - honest!
So get up girl, go fight another round, stare life in the face and say 'No!, I deserve better!'
Be you and you will shine.
This quote does not exist.
Pleasures that we seek are not Happiness at its peak... for it is Contentment that gives True fulfillment.-RVM
I'm tired of being so sad
We were depressing emotional kids.... But our lives were more simple. I haven't been on here in over a year, and no one else has either. It's time to hang out my gloves and move on from the witty world. So with that being said this is probably my last post on witty.
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This quote does not exist.
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