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Can something good just happen soon, because I could really use a little happiness in my life right now.
This quote does not exist.
I have absolutely no respect for guys who start treating all their friends like crap once they finally get a girlfriend. You've known this girl for five minutes and already she takes priority over everybody? No. You're not better or cooler just because you have a romantic relationship. Take yourself off that pedestal and stop acting like you're a king cause you're just a peasant now that you've shown that you felt like you needed a girlfriend because you were that insecure.
i just want you to give me the chance to make you the happiest you will ever be
guys are way too complicated  

Somebody stole
Car Radio
and Now
I just
Sit in


Nobody is aware of how much
I'm still struggling...

Last time you came back
but this time it' so different it kills...


You might
Hate my
But you
that I'm
And I'm waiting though eyes are heavy ill keep them open wide...waiting ohh for that coming till I see you riding on clouds of glory more brighter that the sun you are...said I'm I'm waiting though eyes are heavy...my God is a warrior!!!
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