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Mushroom Tofu Box Components: tofu a hundred and fifty grams, 32 h2o, mushrooms, ham fifteen grams, egg 1. Spices: sesame oil ten grams, salt, soy sauce, broth, h2o, starch, the amount of chili oil, diced green onion, ginger small. Options: spicy fragrance Cooking Approach: Wash the tofu stir crumbled into mud, wash mushrooms stalks, dried; ham, carrots cut Ding. The tofu paste, ham, carrots, salt, soy sauce, egg, h2o, starch, diced green onion, ginger, sesame oil and put a bowl combine in to the lure. Consider mushrooms forged notch components, in getting ibid, steamed in with all the Warmth, flat plate. In to the broth, add salt, boiled h2o, starch, starch, topped with chili oil, and pour mushroom tofu box on top. Snow red bean curd Components: zi xiu tang capsules http://www.beepollen-zixiutang.org/ cod 1, tofu 1/2 packing containers, h2o chestnuts two ~ three, medlar 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon peas, Polygonatum two funds, funds Ophiopogonis three. Approach: 1. Polygonatum, Ophiopogon, 3 bowls of h2o in to the pot, simmer for around ten minutes to open up right after getting rid of soup. two cod washed, cut; with salt, pepper, somewhat cornstarch blended with pickled spare. three h2o chestnuts, peeled and sliced??; tofu, cut into cod size pieces. Four would method a soup boil, then deal with a very good cod, h2o chestnuts, tofu thrown and prepare dinner for five minutes, add salt seasoning, and thicken, and lastly thrown in to the peas and wolfberry Provide. Efficacy: YangYinShengJin Xuefu tender item. Coriander soup Components: parsley two hundred grams, one hundred grams of tofu, carp 1, ginger, salt, MSG, lard as well as the amount. Approach 1: Insert the carp slaughter clean, drained; Wash the parsley and cut into sections; tofu in to the salt h2o soak for fifteen minutes, take away and cut into small pieces; ginger slices. two Warmth the lard in to the pot, put the slaughter of excellent barbeque yellow, plate stand. three pot keep in a few foundation oil, pan, put ginger stir incense, add proper amount of h2o for the fireplace to boil, then add tofu, fish and prepare dinner for around fifteen minutes, then salt, MSG seasoning, parsley is lastly put obtainable. Edible Efficacy: nourishing Yin, Jianpixiaoshi. Lee fetal bone improvement. 
You know that time when everything around you starts to spin and it seems like you're floating,

It's called happiness and love,

It's called being human,

We all have it inside of us,

Trying to break free,

So let go and make your self happy, loving and able to feel unique, special and amazing,

Like we were born to be,

We are only human but sometimes it feels like we have superpowers,

Why are we here?
On Earth,
Going about our daily lives as if we don't care what will happen after,
After you think your last thought, breathe your last breathe and fight your last fight,
If there heaven or do we just sleep?
If there is hell that attacks you but do you feel since you are already dead?
Is their ever lasting darkness?
Plunging you into a sea of horror and despair,
Wrenching at your non-beating heart until you can't take it anymore.
Or are you floating carelessly on white fluffy clouds, eating grapes and lemonade,
dancing with the pixies and unicorms?
We will never know and that is what scares me the most.

I wanna scream I love you from the top of my lungs
But I’m afraid that someone else will hear me


Where you been Cain?
Where you been?
Where's your brother?
Don't paint me black

When I used to be golden 
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We kissed beneath the twisted trees,
our lips between the stars, 
tiny ripples in a lake
this love, once lost,
is ours. 

"You're not everything I want.
You're everything I need."
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