Quotes added on Tuesday, November 11 2014

Why do you say you love me, but in public we are only friends. Are u ashamed of me. Why do you say you care about me, but when i was in the er a few days ago, you didnt see me not once. 
Why do you pet your hands on me if you love me so, so im afraid to tell how i really feel. 
Love leaves so many bruises and excusses in my heart to where I stay in pain from day to night.
This quote does not exist.
Don't forget to smile today. 
So theres this Buddy of mine 
whose been there through everything 
helping me get over Her 
and showing me what it means to love
love u buddy <3  
And I'm tired of trying to be good enough even if I know I'll never be...
Kristen Stewart if u see this please hit me up.
My problem is that I can't stay mad.
I always forgive people even if they don't deserve it...
Keep your bright city lights, your traffic and noise. I'll take wide open fields and golden sunsets, as I watch my mare run through the fields on her way home.

If I close my eyes forever

Would it all remain the same?

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your serves!
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