Quotes added on Wednesday, November 12 2014

My dad eats my Halloween candy
I eat my brothers candy 
And my poor brother is just wondering where all his candy went
This quote does not exist.
of course, as if the universe didn't
hate me plenty, a girl I despise is now
going to my school. plus, my science
teacher is making my life a living hell.
and to top things off, I'm 90% sure that
my history class got moved to a new
room and no one told me.
But where did I go wrong? 
Was it the bottle or the bong? 
Cross fade sleep till noon the next day.
Where did I go wrong? 
I've been to happy for too long.
But lo' I rarely conquered when I came.
SO and So Is Online
Me: HI
So and SO Is Offline
Sure Im Loud.Yes Im Popular But I hate all of it.There is a darker part of me. You can see it but you will not know it.yeah they know me.Ha You know nothing only what i let you know.I keep my self safe behind this mirage.
I'd give so much for you

I know we can work through anything

That's why I'll never give up on you

If ever I distant myself from you

Know that it's not because I want to

It's because I don't wanna seem annoying or clingy
I'm into you
This is probably going to be the worst day in history for me. Oh well. At least it's my last year in high school.
'I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night' 
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