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        Because of you,
                I TRY MY HARDEST JUST TO      [x][x][x]
                                BECAUSE OF YOU, I DON'T KNOW HOW       TO LET          +/////+
        anyone else in


I'm gonna grow up to do some pretty amazing things...just got to do well in school first.
The more you think, the more it hurts

              I cannoT cRY,
                                         B E C A U S E   I   K N O W ]   T H A T ' S   W E A K N E S S  

      in your eyes.


This quote does not exist.

I'm such a fool
I can't be free.
No escape from the storm inside of me.
I'll remember nights alone;
waking up to dial tones.
Take this pain away from me.

To me love is like being able 
to see the light inside 
a person who only 
sees darkness.

This time I swore to myself that I would finally move on, finally let you go. But then you go and give me the type of attention you know I want from you and make me weak all over again. 
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