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I wish I was better..
I wish I was better..
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But if I sit in the rain,
maybe I'll drown
in something other than
my own thoughts 


Do what YOU want to do because if you don’t, you are nothing but your own slave.-RVM
"Sorry for being so F***ed up
Sorry for being such a failure
Sorry for being such a disgrace,
Sorry for being me..."

We stopped checking for monsters under our bed
when we realised they were inside us...
"I love it when I buy a bag of air,
and the company is nice enough
to put chips in it."

- Lolsotrue #603
Whenever I play a game, 
I always restart when I
know I'm going to lose 
Me: I'm actually feeling pretty damn happy at the moment :)

Life: Lol, hang on a sec!
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