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Problems are everywhere, so are Solutions. Unfortunately, we see more of the Problems than the Solutions.-RVM
I have a thing with pushin people away in my life..
1. Go to Google Earth.
2. Press Ctrl + Alt + A
3. Select Your aircraft.
4. Click 'Start flight' 5. Begin your Flight Simulator test   You're whale cumm.
xanax bars ain't makin it stop
LIFE HACK: Answer your phone "Hello,
you're on the air.." And 99% of the
time people will just hang up.

I have loved you since we were


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           One Direction- "18"

This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
And this is why my mum is my best friend and not you.
Ever heard of originalty?
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