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I remember us driving around talking waiting for the cd to end to finally stop and go home just to cuddle up and watch a movie holding hands and being absorbed in each others presence
One day I'll let go.
And when that day comes you'll realise what you lost...

"You know, when he takes really long showers, you realize he's probably not just enjoying the water? He's probably sitting on the bathroom floor, back facing the door, staring at his palms, wondering what the hell he's doing. He's sixteen, it's the middle of the school year and he thousands of miles from home. How confused do you think he is? His brother died two years ago, and he's still not over it, yet on top of that, he lost his sister this year too. He's probably patting his pockets, looking for a razor, but not for his face, to drag across his skin. Have you seen his arms? Have you seen the scar etched into the crook of his elbow? "Worthless." He's the most sad he's ever been when he's with you, because you remind him of everything wrong in his life. You remind him of the sad conversations at 4am, because that's all there was between the two of you. You were just best friends. And now, he probably misses his ex. He heard you liked him, and he thought about the fact that he was so close to you, that he missed you so much, that he mistaked it for love. He knows he's not in love with you. You know it too. That's what he's doing. He's staring at his palms, and tears are welling up in his eyes, and he reaches for the shower because he needs to scold his  skin under boiling hot water. He's desperately trying to feel something. By now, he's probably standing under the boiling hot water, tears streaming down his face, and he whispers softly to himself, "you need to keep it together." Come here, if you press your ear against the door, I bet you could hear him let out one sob. That's when he's momentarily lost control. There won't be any other sobs, he's regained his control. He's gonna finish washing himself, he's gonna towel off his hair, and he's going to walk out of that bathroom with a ridiculous grin plastered on his face. I would know, I've been there so many times."
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Because things change, friends leave,

and life doesn't stop for anybody.
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