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I wish he would see me the way i see him

My chest is clenched into pain,
Heart banging against my chest.
Stomah held tight, from breathing.
Hollow breaths, deep breaths. 

Remorse fills my mind, like demons
in my empty heart, she's gone.
She's gone, she's gone, she's gone.
Out of my life, out like a bullet from a gun.

She was gone, left me, her family and friends. 
Left me stranded, don't tell me it hurts more 
then, an incision to fix an incredibly broken heart.
That sounds like an out of tune piano, when it beats.

Because, the heart is black and blue from being beaten.
Words were like knives, and people never knew it
would hurt more then they had expected, ever in their life.
So back to Point A and B, she had left me all alone.

Cause the world is now 50% filled with cruel people.
And she couldn't deal with the 4% of people at school,
who bullied her, who beaten her heart senseless.
She was one in millions who did this to herself.

Love wasn't always there, but she held herself,
until she had to give it all up on the 4% of people
who kicked her, taught her she was useless.
She gave up on people. She gave up on herself

She was beautiful, not ugly.
She was useful not useless.
She was smart not dumb.
She had a life, we all do, how would we live?
She was a wonderful person.

But she gave up on herself, because of the 4% of people at school, bullying her. 

A baby's laughter is the most beautiful sounds you'll ever hear. 
Unless it's 3am, you're home alone and you don't have a baby.
I wonder if aliens ask themselves 
if they believe in humans?
Someday there will be a time hen chickens
can cross the road without their motives being questioned.
I want to text him to see how he is but I know he won't reply - just like every other time since he's started ignoring me. I really should stop caring now.

"...having gone to a soiree where she thought she would meet him, and finding that he was not there, she clearly understood from the sadness which came over her that she was deceiving herself, that his pursuit was not only not unpleasant for her but constituted the entire interest of her life."

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

I know I should expect the worst
but I'm hoping for the best
Can a bad boy make me happy?
Is he different from the rest?
I'm hoping and I'm praying
that you'll be sweet and kind
I've caught the feels, I can't go back
so please don't change your mind

Introspect! Is your life moving forward or just moving like a pendulum?-RVM
Who cares if school doesn't teach us to raise a family or pay taxes?
At least i can find the area of a triangle
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