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it kills me that he has scars. it rips my heart to shreds to know that i wasn't there, and he needed me. it constricts my throat when i think of what could have happened if i hadn't answered my phone all those times at 4 in the morning. it makes me hate myself when i think about the time i didn't answer the phone. it tears me apart when i remember his face, remember seeing him cry for the first time, remember holding his as he fell apart. it makes me realize how important he is to me, when time after time, i will still pick up every last one of his pieces.
There are people who Dream and there are people who Scream. There are people who Cry and there are people who Fly. The good news is that this is a CHOICE!-RVM
This quote does not exist.
get to know me uncomfortably well
Name? ā€‹rachel
Middle name? stephanie
Nickname? rach
What did your parents almost name you? sydney
Single or taken? taken
Birthplace? tulsa, ok
Currently living in? dallas, texas
Siblings? 14 year old brother
Elementary school? cooper elementary school
Middle school? fred f florence middle school
High school? ww samuell high school
Hair color? brown
Eye color? brown
Birthday? december 24th
Gender? female
Left or right handed? right
Happy? yea
Are you in love? yeah
Do you believe in love at first sight? yupp
Who ended your last relationship? i did
Have you ever broken someones heart? i guess
Are you afraid of commitment? nah
Have you hugged someone in the last week? yea
Last fight? with william 
Have you had your first kiss? yea lol
Have you done oral? ya
Done the nasty? yess
Ever broken your own heart? many times
Do you spend valentines day alone? ya haha
Lemonade or iced tea? iced tea
Coke or pepsi? neither
Cats or dogs? CATS
Day or night? night
Makeup or au naturel? makeup
Ever been caught sneaking out? nah
Ever fallen down/up stairs? yeah ahah
Ever skipped school? yes
Ever passed out? yea
Ever been really ill? yup
Ever gotten high? ouiii
Ever abused a substance? i guess
Have you ever saved someones life? yes
Were you ever not there for someone when they needed you? yea
Last phone call? father
Longest drive? 31 hours
Last thing you ate? chocolate
Last thing you did that hurt someone? i elbowed my boyfriend in the face??
Last song you listened to? who i am hates who i've been
Last person you texted? ruby
Last person you talked to? beau
Last person you watched a movie with? william 
Last person you saw cry?
Last movie you watched?
Is there one person you want to be with right now? i'm with him
What does the last text you sent say? "i don't know what to do"
Where did your last kiss take place and with whom? in my room with william 
Have you smoked a cigarette? yes
Have you gotten so drunk you passed out? yeahh
Put your music on shuffle and list the first five songs: seizure boy, everlasting light, latch, run away, and kill your heroes
Can you go through a whole day without caffeine? sometimes
Any scars? yea
How many pets do you have? a cat
Do you have a job? no
Do you have a car? no
Do you work out every week? yess
What sports do you play? basketball 
Worse injury you've acquired from sports?
a bloody nose
Did you ever feel like you weren't good enough? yea
The questions are over, how do you feel? idfk??


This quote does not exist.
God Bless you My Lady!
                        Rescue, I’ll grab, I’ll hold you tightly
                                                                       There’s no forming girl, no film tricks
                 I’ll stay with you if you’ll stay with me

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