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And please don't tell me
that I'm dreaming
cause all I ever wanted
was to dream another sunset with you
if I roll over when it's over
I'll take this cali sunrise with me
and wake up with the fondest memories
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" Do you still love him? "

" ... I've never stopped loving him. " 


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When bae flirts with someone else-

i want to travel across oceans and mountains. i want to experience the harshest of climates, from the bite of the himalayas to the humid intensity of the sahara. i want to speak to people in german, portuguese, french, spanish, italian. i want to write in russian and arabic and i want to pass people little notes with things like "vous êtes jolie!" or "sie sind sehr nett" written in my awful, ugly handwriting. i want to drive a car with the top down, or cling onto the back of a motorbike with my arms spread wide. i want to stuff my face with kulfi and vorschmack and baklava until i feel sick enough to puke. i want to stop this sham that i've called living.
Something's wrong; something terrible. I'm afraid. 
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I could get lost in a voice like yours ♥
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