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The problem? The problem is me and I don't fully want to admit that it's all my fault. A lot for one person to take and knowing that I've caused most of it. I'm the problem because I worry about things that have been done and are yet to come because I get scared of what's to go. I'm the problem because I drag this out too long and make them bigger than they need to be. I'm the problem because of how I want things to be, I want things to stay the way they are and don't want to change. I've had enough change and would like this to go the same way. I'm the problem because I cause fights because I try to make things better at least how I see it and I make them worse. I'm the problem because I'm me and I have to find a way to fix myself and not be the problem anymore.
My brother posted a video of me singing in the shower online.
I'm so Em-Bare-Assed.
Was also more Em-Bare-As-Sing due to my horrible singing.. :c
But then I looked in the mirror and ralized I was was really Em-Bear-Assed literally

His pupils were dilated, absorbing half of the ocean I knew they were.
They said he never spoke to anyone, but he spoke to me. The words
rolled off his tongue, like waves retreating back down the shore. His
eyes were trained on my lips, transfixed at the chaos pouring from my
mouth. Who knew a trainwreck could fit inside a human form? I bet him
that I would do worse, and made myself a liar. I regretted it like I'd
gripped a thorny rose, until I saw his smile.
Credits: crazyneoncolors. All rights reserved, people.
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D  O  N  '  T     C  O  U  N  T
the days,

M A K E   T H E    D A Y S

I promised my heart to forget you,
I tired but fail,
I realized that I'm only wasting my time,

Like a stubborn student that will never pass.
The devil is real and he isnt a little red man with horns and a tail,He can beautiful because hes a fallen angel and he used to be gods favorite
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You're not afraid of the dark, 
you're afraid of what's in it. 



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