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I feel the passion in every word you write.

In every quote you think.  

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A young girl loved sad poems so much she eventually became one.



I try really hard.
To be appreciative, supportive and positive.
But sometimes I need that too. 
You don't see how much I do for you.
You don't see how much I try to make you happy and to keep you happy. 
And sometimes it never seems to be good enough for you. 
I was so afraid to lose you but I was blind to realize I already did. 
You made a decision to end everythng you promised you'd keep.
Yes, you told me it was a mistake and you want to make it up to me.
But the mistake has already been made and my heart is already broken.
Trying to mend it and put the pieces back togteher hurts me more than anything. 
I've never loved anyone as much as I love you.
But now it hurts to love you.
It physically hurts.
The fighting, the memory of that night, everything that you're trying to fix hurts me.
I don't want to hurt anymore
I don't want to keep losing my trust in you.
But I can't control any of what I'm feeling.
I have to accept what happened and learn from it.
I have to accept losing you and learn from that too.
You were my SUPERMAN...
Turns out you were the VILLAIN. 

literally my childhood
please imagine me and my sisters making up routines to this eight years ago, and be intensely jealous of my asian roots.
"We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy,

definitely want to contribute to that."
This quote does not exist.

My prince lost his horse

and now has to go on foot.

That's why I'm still lonely.


"He's singing about how stories are beautiful lies we tell ourselves, because we cant bear the harshness of reality ALL the time. Stories like OTGW, where the characters face great danger, beat the odds, battle strange powers, and win and set it all right for the inhabitants of The Unknown -- just don't happen in the real world. But we NEED to hear such tales, because we need to keep hope that we can do even a little of the same. THE most wonderful lies are a good story told with friends.´╗┐"

(by: whatthehellpeople i give credit where  it's due)
 Of course, things will go wrong. Move on! Don’t let the little snags affect the progress of your life.-RVM 
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