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My stomach feels like an empty pit,
filled with shadows, when I see you.
My chest clenched tightly in pain.
Eyes, my traitorous eyes, why cry?

I grasp onto myself, and try not to fall.
I feel sick. I feel faint, I feel numb.
I found myself change, once anxiety got me.
I am agitated now, I can't sleep as well.

My stomach used to be butterflies, turned into
wasps who angrily stab me internally.
The feelings I feel, the ones that my heart beats.
Hurts now, it aches. If this isn't love, then what is it?
I feel pain, and love is painful to bear a lot of times.

Is this love?

I ask myself this question every single time I see you.
Is this love? Are you suppose to remorse that a person
hurt you? Are you suppoesd to play along with the scene.
My heart hurts, my chest hurts. Is this love?

Is this love?

So guys i finally got my first kiss on New Years Eve.. yes it felt really weird.. all i remember was him coming in... our lips touching.. his lips were wet lol.. it just felt weird.. then after i was like what just happened i was out of it... but again i got my dream/wish and it was awesome.. thanks for an awesome night buddy I LOVE YOU HAPPY NEW YEARS... GREAT WAY TO START OFF THE NEW YEAR

I just really want you to know,
I am so madly in love with you.
Every single day, 365 days of the year.
I sit out in the dark, coldest night.

At our tree, glancing at the stars,
reading our old conversations via text,
I wonder if you ever brought anyone
else to this tree other then me?

I'm sorry. I think we'll meet again.
Just not now, maybe another time.
Maybe, in an afterlife, where we 
don't even know each other.

Format by jannette aka _Jannette.

So Heres to Another Better Year



just tell me how you feel so i can stop guessing.

Dialogue Practice #1

“Do you remember those trampolines everyone had when we were younger?”

“Yeah, mines all grown over now. Hard to imagine all we cared about then were toys. I can distinctly recall my mom handing me this Disney princess ball like she was giving me the world.”

“Maybe she was.”

“No... No, she gave me my childhood, and left me to carry it on my own.”

So....I got my first New Years Kiss..(: im glad it was from the guy i want to marry the guy im deeply in love with im glad it was by my Cam Bam💗
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