Quotes added on Monday, January 5 2015

But how high can you fly
with broken wings?
At one point in time, you were the youngest human in the world. MIND BLOWN.
My New Year's resolution is to be HAPPY(:
"Never give in, never back down"
This quote does not exist.
"Oh god, I can't even choose which option should be heads and which should be tails, that's the degree of my indecisiveness. When you epitomize the superlative of something, is that a good thing or a bad one? I can't decide."

"True love never dies."
Then that makes our love faulse.....
If I love faulse love so much, what is true love?
There are so many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how...
We all have Flaws, but You are Perfect to me.
Take my hand...
But dont come near ......
Love me but always fear.....
My love...
Is a bomb...

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