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You can't tell me that we aren't friends, then act this way..
[ it's not fair to me ]


She told you every secret that bothered her, then you left..


& i know i can't be friends with you because at some point, i'll fall in love with you again..
[ and i just can't handle that again ]


i wish i knew what to say to you..
One Direction Update
Hello all! Katie here! I hope you’re all doing well.

Today was a pretty relaxed day. The only one I heard about was Harry, and apparently he went to Soul Cycle and Shamrock Tattoos. There were no pictures though, so he may be getting some well-deserved privacy.

Tomorrow are the People’s Choice Awards where the boys are nominated for a few awards. They will most likely not be there, but they might have made a thank you video for if they win.

Just a reminder that the tour is starting in about a month in Australia! Things should be picking up pretty soon, as more rehearsals should be happening in the next few weeks.

New interview for ET Canada: www.etcanada.com/top+stories/one+direction+talk+on+the+road+again+tour+announcement/video.html?v=380336707526&p=1&s=da#video


Ya know? Sometimes you have to burn
and build walls in their place.
We all program our gadgets—computers, mobiles, but we don’t Program our Mind in such a way that we can REJOICE and BE HAPPY. -RVM
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This quote does not exist.
kinda wanna do yoga and eat berries and take bubble baths
kinda wanna do tequila shots and smoke cigarettes and kiss strangers
kinda wanna lay in bed all day and watch netflix
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