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Holding onto the blade in my hand,
My conciousness slips away like sand...
Holding onto our last relation thread
I start losing my breath...
Holding onto the pain,
I let myself slip in vain...
Holding onto your memories
I let me end in misery...
Holding onto your smiles,
I let myself get dragged away through distant miles...
I feel the numbness,
Ending my distress,
As I watch my blood
Become one with the mud.....
I just want you to tell me you love me.
I simply stood there,
Watching from a distance.
He still had seen me yet,
And was obvious to my presence.
I didn't have the courage to approach him,
Coz facing him was one of my biggest fears.
So, I hid in the shadows,
Just staring at how he walked and gave everyone that heart stopping smile.
I know I must have looked like a creep.
But to me, it didn't matter,
Coz, all I wanted to do was,
Keeping on gazing at him
And see that heart warming grin of his....

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This quote does not exist.
What color is his hair?: sorta sandy blond/light brown?
Cute smile: freakin' adorable
Braces: I'm not sure? I don't think so, but his teeth are ridiculously straight, so maybe.
Glasses: Yup. Raises the adorable factor by 800%
Abs: Nope
Height: 6'3" and might still grow a little
How did you meet him: Mutual friend
How long have you known him: Nine months, two weeks, one day.

Does he play any sports: Not anymore
Can he play the guitar: He's learning!
What about any other music instrument: No
Do you guys ever text: Occasionally. We mostly talk on fb though
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: Jeans and 3/4 sleeve/t-shirt/button down with a vest or waist-coat and boots.
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: Boots, slim-fit jeans, light grey button down with the sleeves rolled up and a waist-coat
Least favorite thing: He has this ugly t-shirt I hate, but that's about it.
Do your friends know that you like him: None of them. My best friends suspect, but I keep telling them I don't.
Do your parents know him?: 
They know of him, but they haven't met him.
Do you think they would like him if you were dating him?: They'd be rather surprised, but I think they'd like him.
Do you know him properly?: We tell each other everything, so I'd say so, yeah.
Have you met his parents: Yep. And his little sister and brother
What would you do if he saw your witty: He wouldn't care.

That's just life, she said. Sh/t happens when you're least expecting it, and all you can do is try keep your head above the surface. But see,
                                         that's the thing about drama.
No matter how high the waves rise, the tide always recedes in the end. You will always,
                                                                                       be beached on land.
You can always start again. But it's up to you to                   get up,
       dust off the sand,                                  and start walking onwards.



my year in review: 12 things I endured in 2014

1.) me and one of my closest friends got in a huge fight but we became close again after a family incident scarred me again
2.) i was convinced one of my closest guy friends had a huge crush on me
3.) my Justin Bieber obsession vanished for good and I became obsessed with someone way better: Taylor Swift
4.) i turned 16, and had an awesome party at a fancy hotel with five good friends
5.) i self-harmed for the first time
6.) i attended my first bonfire party, which was an amazing night full of memories
7.) i threw a beach party for all my friends, another night of amazing memoies
8.) i began reading Harry Potter, and am now honored to say I'm totally in love with him
9.) i obtained my first boyfriend, a boy with beautiful hazel eyes and the ability to always make me smile, after having a crush on him for a year
10.) i had the best, weirdest, and most interesting Halloween ever
11.) i had an anxiety attack and became bad again
12.) my boyfriend of three months broke my heart right before Christmas

2014 gained and lost me friends. 2014 blessed me with Taylor Swift. 2014 had its downs. 2014 made me realize how great and supportive the friends i still have are. 2014 made me a Potterhead. 2014 granted me a boyfriend. 2014 definitley taught me a lot of lessons. 2014 made me realize how strong i was. 2014 was a year of growth. as i enter 2015, completeing the last few months of my 16th year, i only hope to take the lessons i learned in 2014 and become a stronger, more positive girl because of them. have a great 2015 everyone!
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