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My face says happy

But my eyes sais pain.

N e v e r    s e t t l e    f o r

D e m a n d    t h e    b e s t ,

Sometimes to stay alive,
You gotta kill your mind.
This quote does not exist.
Its funny. A bagger that I was stalking at the grocery store just so happens to be in one of my classes.....O.o
Everytime I like somebody they're either stuck on a ex, attached to somebody,
confused, don't know what they want, or on games. Everytime.
I'll stay awake,
'Cause the dark's not taking prisoners tonight.
when you too ugly for the fine
and too fine for the ugly
Fight it.

Take the pain, ignite it,
Tie a noose around your mind,
Loose enough to breathe fine,
And tie it to a tree,
Tell it,
"You belong to me,
"This ain't a noose this is a leash,
"And I have news for you..

"You must obey me."
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