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Hmm let us log in to wittyprofiles since I haven't been here since 2010...
  *logs into witty*

Wait...what happened..um..this...isn't...

I wanna make choir with you tho
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=XWIlbR3f7UY


Show some love to Avyy!!!

How to Survive UntiFriday
Monday morning revel in the worst possible day so that it tastes like the salt of blood in your mouth. 
Noquiz Noquiz Noquiz PLEASE
Hopefully he'll ask you on a date for this weekend but in case he doesn't don't panic because he might not like you.
Panic because he is too proud to tell you he likes you as though you are far less than he thinks he deserves.
Tuesday morning eat a bowl of sugar cereal for the sweet crunch of counting down the days you have left until the weekend.
Noquiz Noquiz Noquiz PLEASE
If your teacher makes you feel nervous around them remember that its on
ly because they are too scared of you to be nice to you.
When they kick your butt for not doing what they want pretend you are on a lonely island surrounded by man eatting fish and you'll know how they feel.
Wednesday morning twerk because it's hump day and this day is dedicated to your butt.
Quiz wi
ll be today but you shall not pass
Avoid them at all costs so you do not have to make awkward eye contact and not know whether to say hi or not.
If it doesn't work give them the up nod so its not too friendly but not unfriendly, a convention that was invented for these situations.
Thursday morning apply the ye
llow paint to your face that disguises the purple bruises in the water on your eyes.
No make ups for the failed quiz
The make up will make you feel like a prostitute but you secretly love being a bad girl.
If you get cat called, give them the longest stare of your life and hopefu
lly they will bow in submission like animals usually do.
Friday morning blast Taylor Swift so you can try to get over that guy who doesn't care enough about you to call you.
Pop quiz today to end the week
You will not go out with your friends because you are exhausted from worrying about your social calender just this week.
If your mom pressures you to go out because she thinks you're too socially anxious and an introvert, just go to sleep. Goodnight.


It is so hard for me to think that you are no longer mine, that you're leaving to be even further away from me.
It is only Day 1 but I feel so broken,
I cried.
And cried.
And cried.
And I know that I won't be able to get over you as easily as you think I will,
But I still thank my lucky stars that I met you.
Maybe we can be friends.
Maybe we can become closer.
I know that I would rather have you in my life in some way than not at all.
I am your dark chocolate

For you my beats


       My heart would race with the urge to run --- anywhere, It didn't matter where, just as long as it was away from the reality of the choice i made

As the light beings to intensify, so does the misery and i wonder how it is possible to hurt so much when nothing is wrong.

The sensation of crying would fill me, but my eyes would only dry-heave and burn
People say it’s better to know the truth, but what if the ending’s a bad one? Is it still better to know? Or is it kinder to keep that string of hope dangling? To believe that maybe if you just wait long enough, everything could still end the way you want.

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