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Be your own kind of Beautiful.
I'm tired caring for people
We all straved for an appreciation
When we are born, we are a piece to a puzzle.
As we age, we come together to find the pieces that connect to us.
In the end, we are all smaller puzzles,
coming together to make a much larger one. 
I have a tattoo that says 
"find the crack." it's from the
show Fringe, and if you have
watched it, you'd know why.
for those of you that have not
watched it, it basically goes 
"find the crack. in the darkness,
there's always a crack. it's how
the light gets in." so it was to
remind me to always look for 
the good (light) in the bad (dark.)
yeah, it's really easy to live by
that until s.hit gets pitch black.

,They won't understand until you leave.
The minute you walk away you'll become
the "best they've ever had." It's crazy
how loss triggers love.


*catches feelings*
*throws them back*
My boyfriend made me really upset. He was going to go back on a promise. .. (not his idea... but his dads) I was really upset about it. .. and he stopped by the other night to see me quickly after work.... I went from going to talk to him about it to a big smiley mess... he showed up at my house with a 3 foot tall stuffed tiger for me... needless to say we didn't end up having that talk.... he makes it so hard to be mad at...




think of a dream world..a place at which you feel a home..where you feel comfortable yelling, screaming, singing..where you can do backflips and cartwheels or even fly..where you can shed happy tears of butterflies

And then the dreams break into a million tiny pieces. The dream dies. Which leaves you with a choice: you can settle for reality, or you can go off, like a fool, and dream another dream.
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