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mens back muscles
let you know that god is real

Cross the line for what applies.

Had a boyfriend.
Been kissed.
Been dumped.
Fallen in love.

Been called ugly, fat, sl*t, etc.
Jumped off a bridge.
Rode a roller coaster.
Eaten an exotic food.
Snuck out of your house.
Drank alcohol .
Gotten so drunk you passed out.
cut your self on accident
... on Purpose.
Laughed hard
Called yourself ugly.
Met your idol.
Been to a concert.
Watched 'The Exorcist' and didn't have a nightmare.
Eaten a bug.
Read a book over a thousand pages.
Been called pretty by a boy.
Kissed somebody in the rain.
Been jealous of somebody else's relationship.
Climbed a tree over 20 feet tall.

Smoked a cigarette.
Smoked weed/pot.
Done or dealed drugs.
Gone skinnydipping.
Played chubby bunny.
Eaten a spider.
Been backstabbed by somebody you once called your best friend.
Gotten in a 
Egged somebody's house.
Had a crush on your best friend.
Been told by your parents that they hate you.
Been to another country. 
Rode your bike on a main street with no helmet.
Pulled an all nighter.
Answered all these questions honestly

kissing someone you've been wanting
or waiting to kiss for such a long time is the most satisfying feeling ever

Creativity comes from the heart not the mind
Famous people aren't really special or anything
Actually we make them famous because without us they are nothing.
So why do they act like gods and the last coke in the world ?
Havent been on here in forever. Hello friends
The Pope is here!!! ^_^
Dnt look for Love.. Let it
find you... Just rember,
neither Cindrella askd
for Prince Charming nor
Beauty askd for Beast..
One want just One nice
Night and a Dress and
other just want To Pay
Her Father's Debt..*me*


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I'll play by your game.

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