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The thing is that she loved you with a burning passion. She'd go to the moon and back for you.You wouldn't even wake her up after she'd overdoesed and slept for two days. She wanted everything to be perfect for you. You didn't even give a damn. She cried and cried days upon days after she realized her mistake. Because you never loved her, and you never would. But still, you had the mind to cry once she left. But she had to hold it in to keep from batting a single eyelash.

& I got a question,                           
What is love? 
maybe if you weren't so annoying you might have some of your own friends, honestly stop trying to take mine
so we haven't talked in months
you decided to call me tonight at 12 at night
asking to come over...
you asked me if we were still friends...
I had no idea what to say, 
we ended up talking all night just about life
I hope we can become close again...
but guess what?
we both know you won't talk to me for another couple months
You tell me that you love me
Then you go and leave me
Why you do this to me
Baby, I'm lovesick

I just can't eat, just can't sleep
Can't do much of anything at all,
'Cause I'm sick and in love
With you, dear

5000 friends on Facebook, 1500 on Twitter,
1000 on Tumblr, 1000 on Instagram,
500 at your wedding, 5 during hard times,
2 at your burial, and alone in your grave.
If someone wants to be with you NOTHING will stop them from doing so. Love doesn't create excuses.
It's a brave thing to love someone who doesn't love you,
but at some point you need to realize that you're worth being loved back.
I see you as one of my best friends....
do you even concider me as a friend? 
in your eyes I'm just another person to talk to
it's sad
from being
well-dressed is
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