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One Direction Update
Hey guys! My apologies for there being no update yesterday. I had a long day at work and I didn't have the chance to ask Katie to help out. Anyway, 3/5 are in LA. It turns out Liam and Sophia arrrived a yesterday as well. Harry was seen out for lunch and Louis is still in LA though he wasn't seen. Niall is still in Australia and was at Hawthorn Football Club. Zayn wasn't seen but he's most likely in Bradford.

Rumors: None

Links: Harry today: 
Harry again: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B8EtFRFCIAQp_2d.jpg:large


Hold on to Hope

i don't want others to hear... the words that i've been waiting anxiously for... i want to be the only one to hear it..

Don't touch her just because she's cute.

you are the first person ever to appear in my life and able to make me a mess.
Well, whatever you do... i would never be disappointed by you...
It's okay, no need to thank me or anything else..no matter how many times, i will always be there for you, i will make you fall for me over and over again.
I believe there will be a lot of troubles. Although I am unable to say 'I'll always protect you' or something similar. Although that is the case, I still want you to be with me.
Instead of being the one pursued, i prefer to be the pursuer, that's more my personality.
Your sudden smiles always surprise me. But dangerous enough to make my heart race.
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