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One Direction Update
Hey guys! Another one of those days where there's really nothing to update on. Everyone is where they have been. I promise things will get more interesting once the tour starts! Only 12 more days to go!!

Rumors: None 

Links: Photoset of Niall today in Melbourne: 
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Please don't say goodbye,
That means this has to end.
Let's just say
"see you soon,
weather in this life
or the next"
happiness comes from within
happiness doesn't come very often
happiness doesn't stay for very long
but when happiness does come around, 
there's no feeling like it 

Do you need me?

Do you think I'm pretty?


If you ever feel like something's missing?

Things you'll never understand


Maybe you get what you wanted

Maybe you stumbled upon it

Everything you ever wanted,

Maybe you'll know when you see it

Maybe if you say it, you'll mean it

And when you find it, you keep it.


feels like there's something broken inside...


I'll be honest, it hurt... but only for a minute or two. I was getting all worked up & crying, but then I remembered how you had hurt me so many times before, and how I should be use to it by now. And like that, the tears were gone. 
We're always going to be somewhat attracted to each other. People either need to get over it, or ignore it. But then again, we don't care. Doesn't matter if we're physically or emotionally attracted to each other- or even if we're not feelin' anything. There's always going to be something there. A past, with or without a future. 
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