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"One night,
he wakes.

Strange look,
on his face.

Pauses, then says,
You're my best friend.'

And she knew, 
what it was.

He is in love."

Do you understand
What I'm saying
If you are Wilma I am Fredrick
If you are Betty I will be Barney
My Barbie

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Smile is happiness heart! @ Viorel Muha

Why are words so hard to come by?
I remember being young and staring at stickers that glowed green within the darkness - I remember staring at them constantly, feeling words I did not know because I was eight and dumb. I remember meeting a boy with dark corn-rowed hair and wondering why I was so mean even though I liked him. I remember seeing a girl in my class and hating her guts almost instantly because she was tan and blonde and I sat in the back of class looking ashen and pallid. For so many years I did not know the words for any of these things - these feelings, and now that I am old and all opportunities have passed me by I still only understand a little of what I am trying so desperately to say.

I get far too attached to the fictional characters of my dreams.

  Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, cheeky and cute Harry Styles, hope you have an amazing day!:) x
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