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"This moment will just be another story someday."
- Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
No proof. One touch. You felt, enough.
This quote does not exist.
HAHA I think I broke rule "A" of Witty within my first seconds of joining... woops.
Before, I used to feel butterflies for you.
Now, I feel something else in my stomach,
like the butterflies have escaped.
like there is emptiness.
like there is isloation.

Before, I used to feel like a peice of me is missing when I was without you,
and I do still feel that,
only now there is chaos.  
There is a literal hole In my abdomen,
This is not normal...
stop being useless, call 911.
How do the picture thing with the teXT BOX thing???//?/??

Moving pICTTURE!!1!!??

She had been too busy trying to transform herself into the kind of person who doesn’t need anything from anybody, a wall of pure bricks. In the meantime, she had forgotten that when people walk into walls of bricks, they get hurt.





A person who dances differently at home versus in public.


very entertaining, but it's such a shame that we lost our way
I don't have wifi
Much less Bluetooth
To pass you information
I brought my usb cord
To plug it in, in you
Where people can't see

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