Quotes added on Saturday, February 7 2015

We’ve got young blood
Can’t destroy us
We make our own luck in this world
We’ve got young blood
No one chose us
We make our own love in this world
I hope, one day, you look back
and you realize how much I tried.
I require a lot of attention or you
get a lot of attitude
I either talk too much or bite my tongue
I'm either teribly clingy or too distant
I either eat too much or not at all
& I want you to know me but I wouldn't
even want to know myself
Got me lookin stupid because I'm crazy for you but you're taken..
I want somebody that's crazy about me,
I'm tired of bein the crazy one
you are my peach
you are my plum
you are my earth
you are my sun

"You're not allowed to put beautiful words into my head and not mean it. You're not allowed to love me at sunset and be gone by sunrise. You're not allowed to tell me you love me and then never talk to me again. And you're sure as hell not allowed to make me believe this is real and then just leave."

But I allowed you.

Imagination is activating the SIM card of your Super Conscious.-RVM
Chocolate & Me have one thing in Common

We both Melt
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