Quotes added on Wednesday, February 11 2015

friend: my grandmother thinks that
Dustin likes you.
me: haha are you sure she isn't just
saying that because she's captain of
the Hanna x Dustin ship?
me: hahaha.. ship.. captain.. lololol
me: ... get it?
friend: oml.
Tomorrow I'm gonna see him.

I feel like he's neglecting me. He isn't messaging me as much as he used to. 
Perhaps he's busy. I don't know, I guess the best thing to do is to wait until valentines day to make
an ultimate desition. 

When he does respond he responds normal but why he faq does he avoid his phone
I made him chocolote covered strawberries hope he likes them.

Tomorrow I plan to look hott, wear red lipstick, have my hair curly. Wear my heels. 

I'm honestly feeling so stressed about my class, I'm scared I'm going to fail it.
The pessimist says opportunities are NO WHERE. The optimist says opportunities are NOW HERE. Both see the same words, but read it  differently. That's Life! -RVM
What do you call an aeroplane with no wings?

When did everything,
(School, life, friends)
Get so complicated?
Can I go back to how it was,
In the simpler times?Ā 
Just for a day?
I miss it...
You were my Hopeless Love Story,
You meant the world to me

Now you aren't here,
Yet you're so near

Why did you do this,
What was the point?

Is this what you wanted?
Was this your fate?

All along, it was just a game
Every last word, every last day

This isn't a game of chess,
You can't move the peices wherever you choose

You can't hurt everyone else
Because in the end you'll lose

But wait, for this is the truth
You already lost

You turned into someone I never wanted to know,
Now theres no where for you to go

You got yourself in a tough spot,
Remember when you told me you loved me a lot?

Well I guess lies must be told,
But sometimes lies get old

I guess it doesn't matter anymore,
Because you're forever trapped behind a locked door.
I  always  knew  you'd  be  the  one  behind  the  trigger
but  maybe  it's  my  fault  for  showing  you  how  to  use  the  gun.


I have an obsession with quotes
because other people are so much
better at putting my feelings
into words than I am

This quote does not exist.

You know what? Yes, I have changed. I'm not
as nice as I used to be, because I don't want to
get used or walked over, I don't trust everyone
and tell them my secrets, because behind every
fake smile is a backstabbing b/tch. I distance
myself from people because in the end, they're
only going to leave. I have changed because I
have realized that I'm the only person I can
depend on.

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