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Alcohol tastes better than your love.
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"I've become nocturnal because he has nightmares."
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One Direction Update 
Hello, everyone! Katie here! Sorry this is not in the morning; changes needed to be made. But don't worry, it'll probably be back in the morning tomorrow.
Okay, now to the update...

Tomorrow (Australian time) will be the boys' final show in Australia in Perth. They have a few days off before they start the Asian leg of the tour in Japan!

Rumors: Okay, so there's obviously the Melissa and Niall. Some people are saying that they're definitely dating and have been since November because of a video that came out
of them dancing and I guess getting close. Right now, nothing is confirmed, so I would recommend trying to forget it. It's not worth all this drama, and the hate I've seen sent to both Niall and Melissa is so terrible. Please, be kind and be respectful.

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Problems are like Balloons. We let them unnecessarily blow up.-RVM
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I'm so sorry I loved you for so long. I'm so sorry I kept trying to hold onto you when it was obvious that you didn't want me in your life anymore. All you wanted was to be set free and I think I have finally learned to let you go. Not because I want to, but because you're happy without me. And all I ever wanted was to make you happy.

you are obsessed with finding
someone to love you because
you can't love yourself.
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