Quotes added on Friday, February 20 2015

they think a speck in the universe, has all the right to claim a whole damn sky
Some people just breathe loudly as if to say "notice me notice me notice me". I notice you, everything. I'm too judgmental to not notice.
Of what use is your Wealth and Kingdom if you don't have the Liberation and Freedom to Be what you want to Be.-RVM
I've told everyone I'm over him
But then I think to myself
Am I?
We do choose who we love 
the thing is
it's not always a conscious choice
How was I to know
That that one decision 
Was going to change my life

& then suddenly I became sad for no reason at all


I don't trust words
I trust actions

It’s gotten to the point where
I don’t know who I am anymore
I constantly feel like I am on the verge
of breaking down.
I feel like I’m going crazy,
and if my mind is an ocean,
my thoughts are a tsunami.
I can’t sleep,
I can’t concentrate,
I can’t even think straight.



I am coming apart at the seams
and it scares me.

Meeting you was like learning a song and never knowing it would be my favorite.
Meeting you was like falling
Meeting you was like rain
Meeting you was like sun
Meeting you was like a foreign country filled with its own myths, language, geography and traditions that count back millions of years
Meeting you was like losing my breath repeatedly
Meeting you was love
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