Quotes added on Sunday, February 22 2015

Couldn't fight back the tears so I fell to my knees, saying God if you're there come and rescue me.
And I knew better, than to look in your eyes
They only pretend, you will be mine
And you know how you made me, believe
You had me caught in every web, that you weaved
But do you ever think of me, when you lie?
Lie down in your bed your bed of lies
Don't talk about a problem unless you have a solution.
I'm not crying 
My eyes are just sweating
Because I know I'll never have you
Never feel alone, never feel unloved, never feel unwanted, never feel scared, never feel these emotions, because you are special to me and I want you to be happy. 
Beauty isn't what you see in the mirror
It's what others see in your heart
I start a new decade in a few months
and I want to actually live.

I'd reach for more of my goals this moment,
but it's not as easy as it sounds.
I'm not feeling sorry for myself.
This quote does not exist.
me: watches 5 hour-long episodes of a tv show in a row
friend: sends me link to an eight minute video
me: wtf i dont have time for this

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