Quotes added on Tuesday, February 24 2015

He's my addiction..
First you Yearn to Earn. Then you Learn that others will Burn what you Earn. Stop! Turn and Spend before your End.-RVM
if I date you, and you have a puppy,
chances are I just really want to play
with the puppy. 
I'm hella desperate for any kind of attention
from boys, so if you take me on a date and I
spend the entire time trying to distance myself
from you, then it means there is something so
wrong with you, not even my desperate a.ss
wants to spend time with you. oh, and if you 
scoot near me, I will stab you with my fork,
bucko. take me home, and no touch.

(that sounds harsh lol. I'd like to state that I 
don't mean appearance.)
I just want to wish all my fellow Wittians a Happy Mashramani! I'm from Guyana, and Mashramani is like our Carnival. It means "A celebration after hard work." I hope you guys have an awesome week :)

My song of the week is

Happiest Man Alive by Machel Montano
You say I'm crazy
'Cause you don't think I know what you've done
I can't promise you my heart....
But I can defintely give you my loyalty ans soul
I have to work all by myself today until 6pm!
Your hands on my hips
And my kiss on your lips
Oh, I could do this for a long time

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