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The greatest achievement comes from the hardest struggle

Never Quit Never Surrender 

And always remember, "Today Will be Different"  

Everybody has to die. Why cry, when you have wings to fly!-RVM
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I'm so gutted that 5 seconds of summer didn't win a brit award, they deserved to win but oh well...they're still amazing and hopefully in the future they will get one and loads more other ones hehe:p
Omg I couldn't believe it when Madonna fell down yesterday at the Brit awards, I was so shcoked like she must have been embarrassed like that fall must have hurt but hey at least she got up and started performing like nothing had happened!
One Direction's video for 'you and I' is so rubbish and dull they didnt deserve to win a brit award for best music video.
I think Ed Sheeran deserved to win for best music video for 'Thinking out loud' as that video is just beautiful and was more worthy of winning!
I've been at work for like 1 hour and 20 minutes so far and this girl has been ranting and complaining the whole time about how her boyfriend doesnt trust her and that she's fed up of him! she just went on and on! I gave her advice so i just hope she takes it on board.
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