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It’s what we chase but never find. It is the mystery of our lives, the understanding that even when we have everything we want it is one day to leave us. It’s the something unseen, the lurking devastation, the darkness that gives our lives dimension.

In England, ‘Have My Bones’ White wrote one of the saddest sentences I have ever read: ‘Falling in love is a desolating experience, but not when it is with a countryside.’ He could not imagine a human love returned. He had to displace his desires onto the landscape, that great, blank green field that cannot love you back, but cannot hurt you either.

If there was a world war 3 it would be fought over the internet with people CAPS locking their enemies to death 😄😋
my dear, i have loved you ever since i first laid eyes on you
Ever realized how surreal reading a book actually is? You stare at marked slices of a tree for hours on end, hallucinating vividly.

*licks finger*
*wipes it on your shirt*
"Let's get you out of these wet clothes."
Stoner Thought-

All kids under 7 years old in America have never had a white president.
You're very very impuslive woman, who demands things from ppl and fail to realize that sometimes they don't want to do as you want them to. Or you imagine things are going your way. I read all you previous relationship quotes... and you fail to read in between the lines.

You're failing to read in between the lnes of your current relationship too.

There is your self analysis. You paid the price already once.

Dare you pay it again with the next one? He wants the best honey. He's dumped you once and even without realizing it blurted out how he can't settle for someone still figuring out their life. And these obstacles he's giving you over and over again. This is not insecurity telling you that he's going to dump you its your instinct, its your brain.

I demand you not to speak to him for the next 25 days, you are and you will be in a relationship with yourself for the next couple of days. And you'll find out why they run away.

Focus on school! & your fitness. Stay drama free. You are a queen. You will aspire to inspire and become a better woman day after day.
"Si quelqu’un m’aime, il obéira à mes paroles. Mon Père l’aimera, nous irons à lui et nous habiterons chez lui". Jean 14:23.
Where do you visualize yourself in 5 years, 10 years? Me with you girl!!!
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