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the thing that i think about the most is the way that your lips curve into a smile. The way that you greet me in the mornings. The way we look at each other, but we never speak of it. I love the silence when we listen to each others music, not saying a word, just listening to the thoughts that one can't say aloud. I love the fact that i love you. i can't stand the fact that i'm not the one to give you good morning texts and goodnight texts. It saddens me because i CAN'T be there to hold your hand when you're sad. It all seems too surreal, like i'm living in a daydream. i SEE YOUR FACE AND I FEEL LIKE I AM SEEING A GOD. I FEEL LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO DISSAPATE AS SOON AS I TRY TO TOUCH YOU. I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE WORLD, TAKE YOUR HAND AND RUN ALONG THE BEACH UNTIL WE COLLAPSE ON THE SAND WITH THE SUN IN OUR EYES AND OUR LUNGS BURNING. I WASN'T THE ONE THAT KISSED YOU FIRST, I WASN'T THE ONE TO HUG YOU FIRST. HOW DARE I THINK LIKE THIS, I THINK THAT PEOPLE WILL FALL INTO ME, I WILL MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER, I WILL FIX THEM, THEN I WILL REMAIN BROKEN ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR, WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO PICK ME UP AND GLUE ME BACK TOGETHER. WHERE IS THE LIE? I SIT AND SIT, LOOKING AT OTHERS THAT LOVE AND LAUGH, I REMAIN QUIET IN MY OWN COMPANY, AND ENJOY THE VIEW FROM HERE. EVEN THOUGH I DON'T GET TO BE WITH YOU, I CAN STILL SIT HERE AND ENJOY BEING WITH YOU, LOOK AT YOU. I WON'T EVER BE ABLE TO HAVE A CHANCE WITH YOU, BUT WHO SAID I COULDN'T DREAM ABOUT IT? 

"And then you start asking yourself; "Am I bad person?". You simply asking yourself proves you aren't, but still, the question lingers. Because what else would explain the jealous feeling that takes over you when she, your friend, does really well? Why else would seeing them thrive make you upset? Why else would a grin make it's way to your face when you've finally won? Cause you're a person."

Keep your friends close and you enemies closer and then when they are close enough you can shoot that motherf.cker
Some people think they are champagne in a tall glass. Really they are lukewarm p1ss in a plastic cup......
"Sometimes I feel like I'm conducting a research experiment on how much a person can bottle up and keep to themselves before reaching a point were literally no fúcks are given. Oh, and I should probably add that the specimen is me."

"Sometimes I think about how some people are able to just glide through life. There's no trudging or building up a sweat, just gliding on through. I know everyone has their struggles, but some people can make the hardest damn things seem so effortless. "

Life tip:Don't peak in high-school.

A head full of fears has no room for dreams.
Be a fruit loop in a bowl in Cheerios 

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