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I'm not going to miss out on something that could be great just because it might also be hard. 
A real man understands the
difference between what looks cool
and what is cool. Clothing, fast cars,
and other material possessions do
not show the true measure of a
man, these only show his
insecurities or shortcomings. A true
man understands compassion as
well as strength, and they are not
afraid to show a softer side at times.
The way that a man takes care of his
family and other responsibilities
without having to be told to,
because this is the right thing to do
in a world that seems to reward
instant gratification instead of hard
work and integrity. Real men
understand patience and treat their
loved ones with respect, never using
physical violence or threats in order
to control others. Lying, cheating,
and stealing do not show true
strength, these are the traits of boys
who have never grown into mature
men in the first place.
Girl: Promise Me That;
U will Not Love Any Other
after Me..!

Boy: I Love you but I can't

Girl (Crying):
Means you will have
in Ur Heart..!
Boy (Smiling):
The Girl I will Love after you,
Will Call you
A cute story...

Boy: let’s watch a movie..
Girl: ok what movie??

Boy: a horror movie...
Girl: um…ok *after the movie*

Girl: i noticed…
you were watching me most of the
Boy: *laughs*
i watched the movie

Girl: what…..
Boy: i just wanted to hug you and
protect u
Boy: I think I like you
Girl: You think? I think you must be

Boy: no, I like you.
Girl: I don’t think you like me...
I think you like the company.
I think you like the conversations we
I think you like that someone
You like the feeling that someone is
always there for you. But should
you remove me from the equation
and place someone else in my
spot, you would feel the same way. So
you see, you like the feeling but not

Boy: Please don’t tell me what I feel.
I like you…in fact, I love you.
Girl: Would you do me a favour?

Boy: Anything
Girl: I want you to close your eyes
and imagine the following......
Imagine yourself in 10 years...
I want you to imagine how you look
in 10 years. What kind of clothes will
you wear...
I want you to imagine where you will
be working in 10 years.
I want you to imagine your family and
how they look.
I want you to imagine your future
I want you to imagine your kids on a
Saturday afternoon as they play in
the backyard.
I want you to imagine their first bike
I want you to get it all in there.
Imagine your house, furniture,
I want you to imagine your life. Okay
can you see it all in front of you?

Boy: yeah, I see it.
Girl: Now, did you see me anywhere
in there?

Boy: yes I did.
Girl: and where would that be?

Boy: Well, obviously you were right
there with the
kids…after all you are their mother!!!!
Girl: (long pause)
I love you too.

how many likes for dis ????
You're a long way from home.

Maybe it's me. Maybe it's you.
Either way I'm not sticking around to find out.


There's so much on my plate and so much on my mind. It always pushes me to the edge, and just when I'm about to topple over, pulls me back in. There's always a lot on my mind and so much on my plate. It throws the weight on my shoulders and shackles me in, and when I'm about to cave in, it breaks me away. There's so much on my plate and so very much on my mind. It compresses my lungs and twists my insides, and when I'm about to collapse, it revives me again. For crying out loud there's so much on my mind and more than necessary on my plate. But I'm going to miss it some day, in some demented way. Because I miss it right now.

"I didn't know that dreams alone had the power to make one suicidal..."
Writing songs in the middle of the night, that's how I roll.
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